My artwork evolves from observation and inspiration and often expresses personal or social issues that explore a mix of abstract and 
innovative ideas with an ever-changing variety of surface techniques, combined with colour, texture and stitch.

I am inspired by and find Graffiti invigorating - I love the energy, movement and message this art form conveys and I enjoy working to
a title as I feel it is an important stage, as it starts to open up a private discourse with others. The balance of how much to reveal and
'explain' weighed against intimacy and abstraction.
My artwork depends heavily on the concept and the surface treatment I use and when making each new piece I always search for a sense
of movement, harmony and balance that encompass a range of approach, from computer-manipulated imagery, to painting. Each new
work is strongly influenced by social and popular culture that focuses upon things that most of us can relate to such as consumer goods, 
the environment, popular culture and dieting. I am drawn to universal issues and values, levels of consumption of natural resources, food
and material possessions which are indicators of a society's status and value. 

Warmth, texture, and utilitarian beauty are strengths of textile arts. While acknowledging these roots in my work, I am compelled to go 
beyond the boundaries of traditional design.   A central theme in my work is an exploration of the balance between traditional and 
contemporary forms.   In an attempt to achieve a more fluid style, I combine the traditional materials of textile art with painting and 
surface manipulation.  A primary source of inspiration is the colour and topography of the natural Environment. As such, a large part of
the process of making my work is the creation of colours and textures to portray the strong feelings evoked by particular observations. 

Over the years quilts have been valued as objects of home and comfort, a traditional medium  that represents a certain feeling of familiarity, 
warmth and history.  Although quilts were made as utilitarian textiles, their form has allowed present day makers to bring forth their spirit 
with the help of an intuitive grasp of the composition of colour, pattern and materials that continue to develop in a contemporary manner, 
through new material choices and working processes which result in diverse artworks that inspire curiosity  and debate. 
I make art quilts because I have a deep respect and love for their history as a vehicle  for personal expression and believe that they are tactile 
evidence that we were here and left something of value 'as a mirror of ourselves and  accomplishments'. 

  © Bethan Ash 2009. All rights reserved.